Monday, December 12, 2011

Playlist Diary 12/12/11

If you are reading this now, you have managed to find my blog! Kudos. Starting this very moment of this very day, I will use this little blog to share interesting stuffs that I have founds on the internets. Mostly, it will be rhymes, but other stuffs too! Here's the first installment of my Playlist Diary.

12/12/11 by Rowland Han on Grooveshark


  1. salutations hanro! greetings from Zeeblania. i am Green Forest Zeebl and my people and i have stumbled upon your blog and find your taste in this rhythmic succession of tones most intriguing. it makes us want to hyperventilate with joy and excitement. we like pork and beans very much but would never want to eat the world. we also much prefer cold chips. however, we really do like reading about earthling happenings, so we hope you will continue to entertain us with this culture of yours.

    farewell for now!

    transmission over

  2. i would just like to say that the person above is super cool

    hello hanro and hello Green Forest Zeebl :]